Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our friend in Bangladesh, Suchitra Behera requests prayers for their new bishop Rt.Rev Sunil Mankhin, who was recently elected. He is the first bishop from Garo Ethnic group.
She also requests prayers for her husband , Rev. Shourabh Pholia who was a CMS study Partner and now serving as the principal of St. Andrew’s theological college. St. Andrew's Theological College currently undergoing a re-location. Please pray also for the logistical arrangements and that the students and staff may feel settled quickly in the new location.

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  1. Please pray for St. Andrew's Theological college as we have started a new year. We seek God's blessings for our students. We are going to have a Mission Partner's Fellowship at our college with the missionaries who are working with the Church of Bangladesh. Let us pray for the CMS missionaries who are working with us here in Bangladesh. Also pray for Adrian Watkins who is planning to visit Bangladesh in February'12.

    Rev. Shourabh Pholia.