Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lakki Marwat Pakistan

Eric writes: I have mentioned about the continuous panic we are experiencing in Pakistan.

It is indeed depressing news that 85 innocent people were killed (most of them were young people who were playing in the play ground), and 150 got injured in today’s bomb blast in the north part of the Pakistan know as Lucky Marwat. It is pity that the under attack area don’t have amenities to launch emergency and relief operation that is why death rate is increasing.

Life is a beautiful gift but it looks as if we are just breathing without life, thus it is imperative to put life into the breath, so that people in Pakistan can cheer, laugh and live their life peacefully.

Apart from panic community at large is not getting any relief in terms of the basic unresolved issues such as electricity, food, water, education, health check etc. Utility expenses are rising on regular basis and it has become difficult to manage household either.

These are few harsh realities which we are facing at present, and it seems like we are walking in the dark valley of fear and death.

I humbly ask your many prayers in our sufferings.

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