Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Steve based in China writes:

Firstly, I was in the orphan babies in Morbi, State of Gujarat, India. Most of the parents got killed by bombs. Now they are facing the swine flu in the Morbi small town, two orphan babies passed and others babies is in the hospital. Vaccine is limited there as it is far from the city (4 hours away). Please pray for the babies to heal quickly and vaccine is available for the local people. for more details see here

Secondly, the whole Yunnan never rain since 7 - 8 months and it is very dry cold place. Especially the remote area like the farm include our serving farm. I heard that one pile of water had been reused for 9 - 10 people to take a shower and drink the dirty re-use water. Moreover, most of the vegetables, crops and fruits is dying as it is lack of water. Also the ground soil is so dry and hard. Please pray for rain to come down.

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