Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kyrgystan: 'Stay with us in the gap'

Please continue to pray for the situation in Kyrgyzstan.
A pastor from Bishkek just sent this email asking for those outside the country to stand with them in prayer:

"Dear friends, Please pray for God not let the civil war happen. The situation is very dangerous. Our previous president has gone to southern Kyrgyzstan (he is originally from there). If he can organize people there to take the power back, it will be a civil war. We pray for God to stop all the looting and distraction, there are many aggressive groups of young people wandering around the city. Many minimarkets have been destroyed, as well as a weapon store. It's just like five years ago; if there is no authority, for just one night, it's worse then any authority, no matter what kind. Stay with us in the gap."

See also BBC News article Kyrgyz opposition 'sets up new government

Please pray for stability in the country over the coming days - today will probably be pivotal. If opposition leaders can calm the protestors/looters and make sufficient changes quickly enough, then things might settle down. But if the former president manages to rally large support in the south, then the outcome is much less predictable and more worrying.

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