Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pray for harmony in Malaysia

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Pray for peace in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur at the present as tensions are rising after churches have been atatcked. This is concerning the use of the word 'Allah' for God whoch some Muslims see as an infringement of their right to the use of the name. Malaysia has been known as a place of Interfaith Harmony. Pray that such harmony will be restored.

and you can download a statement by Bishop Ng Moon Hing of Kuala Lumpur on behalf of the ~Christian Federation of Malasia from the Faith2Share website which has the news of 'Church Firebombed in Malaysia' under the MissionNews section

Let us as Christians and with our fellow Malaysians pray that despite such atrocious acts perpetrated upon the churches good sense will prevail in us. Let us not allow those who want to foment animosity among the peoples and the religious communities to triumph in their dastardly plans. May we stand together against the tide of violent people and their evil plans.

We will continue to pray for peace in Malaysia.

Wandering.JPG has also written on Rising Tension in KL as well as a link to a helpful comment about the Name of Allah

Continue to pray for peace and harmony to be restored.

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