Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canon Malini Devananda

 Revd Becky Mathew (Mission partner Sri Lanka) writes: Canon Malini Devananda, one of our first female priests and canon, and the Director of the Board of Education passed away last night (Sunday 11th April).

She was receiving treatment for secondary cancers, and was very positive and looking forward to her final session a week last Monday. However, she was unable to have this final dose due to problems with her blood tests. Last week she suddenly slipped into a coma and was admitted to the specialist cancer hospital.
We are all in shock at the suddeness of her decline. As she was attending meetings and doing her usual bits and bobs, keeping ever busy. I managed to visit her yesterday afternoon. She was unable to communicate verbally but there was the occasional eye movement and attempts to speak. She was being well cared for and many prayers were said for her in churches all around the island. Her death is a massive loss to not only the Diocese and the Board of Education, but to the many children, young people and women who benefitted from her teaching, intellect and courage as she stood up for the rights of those in difficult circumstances. Her work was pioneering in the island.  This is the 2nd clergy death this year from cancer and the Diocese is reeling from the loss of 2 very well known and well loved members of clergy.  Her funeral will take place on Tuesday 13th April (the day before the Sinhala and Tamil New Year). Please pray for her husband, Yohan, a retired member of clergy and for all those who are mourning her loss.
Please keep Bishop Duleep and Geetha in your prayers as they were also very close to Malini and are also devasted by this news.
Picture 1 Malini Leading games in Women's conference
Picture 2 Malini and Becky

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